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Campaign for Main Street

Charlottesville, Virginia, USA


Our Mission

Friends of Cville Downtown is raising private money to help fund the cost to invigorate the Downtown environment and create a vibrant public space with magnetism that attracts people from near and far.

Your Reward

A dynamic, inclusive Downtown that brings us together, strengthens community and increases prosperity.


Our Goals

The initial Campaign
to Revitalize Main Street
focuses on five strategic areas:


Window displays, art, banners, murals, sculptures, and flowers.


A diverse program of music, dance, festivals and games, with something for everyone.


Enhance lighting, seating, parks, maintenance, crosswalks, bike paths, parking, and signage.

Economic Development

Attract new businesses, new opportunity, entrepreneurs and dreamers.

Public Health and Safety

Expand access to care; facilitate swift crisis response.

Everyone is invited to help!

Donor Categories

Every donation is fully tax-deductible!

•  Friend—$10 — $50   •   Hero—$100  
•  Member Business
—$200  •  
•  Silver
•  Gold
—$5,000   •   Diamond—$10,000  
•  Platinum—$15,000   •  Titan—$25,000   
•  Founder


Our Team

Friends of Cville Downtown, INC. is a Virginia not-for-profit Corporation, that includes residents, artists, business owners, property owners, philanthropists, and civic organizations, who all care deeply about the future of Charlottesville, Virginia.

•  Charlottesville Regional Chamber of Commerce
•  Jefferson School—African American Heritage Center
•  Charlottesville United Way
•  Center for Nonprofit Excellence
•  Community Investment Collaborative
•  Ix Art Park
•  The Bridge
•  Virginia Discovery Museum
•  Charlottesville Area Community Foundation
•  ... and 60+ Member Businesses, and growing!

Executive Director

Greer Achenbach

To email the Executive Director, click here.

Board of Directors


Charley Lewis, CHAIR Ludwig Kuttner, CHAIR Michael Caplin, CHAIR
Hunter Craig Blair Williamson, TREASURER Keith Woodard
Ted Ukrop Chris Henry Mark Hourigan
Alex Bryant, Board Secretary Joan Fenton Pending


Alex Bryant
CHAIR, Community and Inclusivity
Scott Hamler
CHAIR, Outreach and Communications
Susan Krischel
CHAIR, Beautification and Sanitation
Susan Payne
CHAIR, Public Health and Safety
Dean Andrews
CHAIR, Economic Development and Strategic Planning
Bruce Wardell
CHAIR, Transportation and Infrastructure


Ravi Respeto
Cville United Way
Christine Nardi
Elizabeth Cromwell
Cville Chamber
Andrea Douglas
Jefferson School—African American Heritage Center
Nickolas Urpi
Emergent Financial Services
Pace Lochte
Ass't. VP for Economic Development, UVA
Stephen Davis
Elizabeth Beasley
Equity Center, Director of Community Partnerships, UVA

Member Businesses — 2022

Listed in Alpha Order

Business Membership Dues are $200 annually.
Clicking on a business name hyperlink will take you to a new browser window for the website of that particular business.

Folks are buzzing.

  • Author image
    Alex Garvin renowned urban planner

    Amazing space in the public realm is a magical good that yields great pleasure.

  • Author image
    Ludwig Kuttner Campaign Chair, Downtown Resident and Property Owner

    Our village can be as enchanting as any in the world.

  • Author image
    Michael Caplin Campaign Chair, Attorney and Social Entrepreneur

    Main Street has been the heartbeat of Charlottesville since 1762.

  • Author image
    Charley Lewis Campaign Chair and Downtown Property Owner

    Our great Mall must always seek fresh ways to attract and entertain visitors.

  • Author image
    Mary Loose DeViney Tuel Jewelers

    I grew up Downtown, and it’s where I want our business to be located.

  • Author image
    Don Garlock Author, Designer, Consultant

    A visionary plan is just what we need.

  • Author image
    Keith Woodard Downtown Property Owner

    Let’s all work together to make our unique and fantastic Downtown Mall a great and welcoming place for all.


Questions and Answers

At Friends of Cville Downtown, we’re excited about the vision for invigorating Charlottesville’s Main Street. Here are answers to some commonly-asked questions.  If you have another question, please feel free to reach out.  We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

Are my contributions really tax-deductible?

YES! Every donation is fully tax-deductible.
Friends of Cville Downtown, Inc. is a 501c3 tax-exempt organization. Tax ID: 87-3321523.

Are you a city government agency?

Friends of Cville Downtown is a citizen group working with City government and the Community. The Campaign for Main Street is a public-private placemaking partnership.

When will all these plans take place?

Friends of Cville Downtown projects began to arrive in November of 2021 and are ongoing. Visit often to see what’s new!

How can I help?

It’s easy! Simply click on the Donate button to make a secure online tax-deductible donation. You may also click on the Volunteer button to send us an e-mail. We look forward to hearing from you!

Who’s behind this effort?

Friends of Cville Downtown includes residents, business owners, artists, philanthropists, and companies, all committed to the common good.  We invite you to help. Everyone is welcome!

Is tax money being used for this?

Friends of Cville Downtown is funded solely by tax-deductible contributions from individuals, foundations, and corporations.

Friends helping Friends
for the benefit of
Our entire community.

Consider how you can help:

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